About me.

An unbiased, un-official auto-biography perpetually in progress.

After college I wrote and performed music, produced public radio and developed software.

. . . I also took a swift stab at cooking professionally.

Between 2000 & 2005 I was a member of the Newark, NJ based hip-hop crew dälek.

While signed to Mike Patton's Ipecac record label, I released two critically acclaimed LPs and a number of collaborative EPs with artists from around the world.

We toured globally and we toured heavily, performing alongside many of my musical heroes; that said, our biggest honor and accomplishment had to be our collaboration with Faust ‐ the German musical pioneers who helped establish what is now known as the 'Krautrock' sound.

In 2005, I released Remains, my solo album recorded using turntables and vinyl record sources to construct a haunting, atmospheric ambient score - a counterpoint to the heavy beats and aggressive sounds the band was known for.

From 1997 2001 I attended Swarthmore College where I majored in Sociology and Anthropology and wrote a senior thesis titled 'Technology, Self & Society.'

My paper documented and analyzed an emerging musical lexicon among turntablists -- musicians who repurpose vinyl records and record players as their sole means of expression.

In late 2012 I enrolled in General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program where I studied several technologies including:

Ruby Rails Javascript jQuery MySQL Postgres HTML5 CSS3 SASS HAML Git Heroku AWS

In 2013 I became the 1st engineer hire at a start-up called Justworks where I helped develop an automated payroll solution for small businesses. Today, Justworks provides a one stop, self-serve platform that automatically manages a company's payroll, contractor payments, health benefits, 401k and more.

I promise to use this site to showcase some personal projects on my Github, but until then you should feel free to look at my resume for more information.

Anyone who knows me can attest to my passion for food.

After reading Anthony Bordain's 'Kitchen Confidential' and 'Heat' by Bill Buford, I was inspired to take a stab at being a chef myself.

From 2006 until 2008 ‐ under the tutelage of chef Daniel Parilla ‐ I was inducted into the super-intense, never-boring under-world of the professional kitchen by working my way up the line at 5Ninth, a distinguished restaurant in New York City's Meatpacking District.

I spent the years between 2008 & 2012 working at WNYC / New York Public Radio.

I got my foot in the door interning at RadioLab where I assisted in the production of its 5th season. Later, I would compose music for some of the show's live events.

I held my first staff position at The Takeaway ‐ a nationally aired morning drive news program hosted by the inimitable John Hockenberry ‐ where I spent my days pitching news story ideas and interviewing political, academic and cultural figures of international renown in order to script and produce radio segments for air the following morning.

On the days that I filled in as the show's managing producer I was responsible for four hours of editorial content, organizing stories under tight deadlines.

Along the way I filed stories for Studio 360, and sat as judge on an American Idol-esque panel for the radio station's city-wide music competetion The Battle of the Borroughs on several occasions.